The Next Big Thing -Thermal Armour

Thermal Armour

When winter season comes we have two options 1) Wear several layers of woollen clothing to keep warm. 2) Turn the room heaters on full, and pay a hefty electricity bill at the end of the month.

Now researchers at Stanford University have come up with a novel way to stay warm at home while wearing the minimum of clothing and without using heaters. Applying a coating of silver nano-wire to fabrics, they found , makes them super -insulated while remaining lightweight and breathable. Nano-wire-coated clothing preserves as much as 90 per cent of a person’s body heat- in comparison ,woollen sweaters preserve only 20 per cent. Even so, the material is porous and comfortable to wear.

Scientists are experimenting with common metals such as copper and nickel to make such clothes cheaper. Given that around 47 per cent of global energy is spent on indoor heating, and 42 per cent of global energy is spent on indoor heating ,such nano-coated textiles would also result in huge cost saving. The new personal thermal management is worth every paisa you spend on it.

Thermal Armour

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