It’s All About Mindset!

There lived father and son on hillside. Every morning father used to go to hill peak to meditate. One day son asked his father..’can I come with you?’. His father replied ..’Son it’s not easy to climb hills,the road is narrow and their comes several obstacles inbetween like stone, rocks, plants with spines etc.. To which his son replied ‘That’s fine but I want to go there’.

Father and son started to climb hills . Their came a big rock. Father moved from sideway but unfortunately son hit the rock because he was not concenterating on what was going on. Son shouted ‘Ahaa’ as he got hurt on his knee. It echoed several time in those hills. ‘Ahaa..Ahaa.. Ahaa’. Son didn’t understand what was happening. He thought someone is hiding and insulting him. Then angrily he shouted ‘Who are you?’ Again it echoed several times..’Who are you?’..Who’ are you?’.His dad smiled and shouted ‘ I love you a lot.. You are a very good person’ As usual it echoed several times. Son was shocked. Then his father explained him the voice you are hearing is non others .. it’s your own voice.

When you say good things you get to hear good things back. When you say bad things you get to hear bad (like echo). Whatever your thoughts are, your emotions are.. it creates aura around you. You are filled with those thoughts. If you say you want to achieve success, you get surrounded with that positivity. You strive hard to work and succeed .

Yes, all you need is SELF LOVE, a ray of HOPE and positive MINDSET to succeed.

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