Sobriquet is like a nickname. It gives a specific description of a person, place or thing. Welcome to this interesting post. Know more about the world!!


1) River of Sarrow – Yellow River.(It is so because of frequent flooding)

2) Forbidden City – Lhasa. (It is the capital of Tibet. It is so remote that it had very little contact with the rest of the world in the past )

3) Land of Golden PagodasMyanmar. (In no other country you can find so many Pagodas that represent devotion of people to their religion, which is Buddhism)

4) Land of Which ElephantsThailand.(On night before giving birth to Buddha, his mother is believed to have dreamt of white elephant. In reality, there are no white elephants, but some are grey, praised by rulers of Thiland)

5) Land of Rising Sun – Japan. (They believed theirs was the first land awakened by rising Sun)

6) Manchester of the East – Osaka. (It is in many ways similar to Manchester, a city in England, which became famous for its textile industry during Industrial Revolution)

7) Gateway of Tears – Bal-el- Mandeb.(The strait is very difficult to navigate and has witnessed many shipwrecks and the tears of dying sailors)

8) Hermit Kingdom – North Korea. ( ‘hermit kingdom’ is used for any country which has little to no contact with the world beyond its borders)


1) Big Apple – Newyork. (‘apple’ was used in reference to the prizes that were awarded at many racing courses in New York)

2) Land of Hummingbirds – Trinidad and Tobago. ( Have 17 species of Hummingbirds)

3) Sugar bowl of the World – Cuba (Largest producer of Sugar in the World)

4) Windy City – Chicago. (The phrase is certainly an apt description of Chicago’s climate)

5) Food Basket of the World – San Joaquin Valley. ( 70% of almost comes from here. Californian wines are world famous)

6) Land of Maple Trees – Canada. ( Ten different species of Maple Trees are found here. This tree is symbol of Canadian identity)

7) Tinsel Town – Hollywood (term ‘tinsel’ is used to describe something that looks great, but is without substance)


1) Eternal City – Rome. (Capital of Italy. Romans believed no matter what happens to the world, Rome would go on for all time, and that it would remain eternal forever.)

2) Land of Midnight Sun- Norway. (Midnight Sun is a phenomenon in which Sun can be seen at even Midnight.)

3) Battlefield of Europe- Belgium. (More battles than any other nation on that continent)

4) Land of thousand Lakes – Finland ( It has 1,87,888 lakes. One lake for every 26 people)

5) Land of Cakes – Scotland ( famous for oatcakes. In olden days, they gave soldiers the stamina to march long distances)

6) Peninsula of Peninsular – Europe (the continent has many Peninsulas)

7) Emerald Isle – Ireland ( lush green grass)

8) White City – Belgrade (Belgrade means White City in Slavic language)


1) Dark Continent – Africa ( best described the mysteries of a wild, untamed continent)

2) Gift of Nile – Egypt ( Nile delta region has half of Egyptian population. Their is no life for Egyptians without nile)

3) City built in Gold – Johannesburg (it accounts one- third of world’s gold)

4) Rainbow Nation – South Africa ( diverse population and culture)

5) Land of thousand Hills – Rwanda (due to undulating terrain)

6) Heart of Africa – Burundi ( situated in middle of continent)

7) Horn of Africa – Somalia (it’s shape is similar to horn)


1) Land down Under- Australia ( Only continent and Nation that lies south of equator or ‘down under equator‘)

2) Land of Kangaroos – Australia (their are more kangaroos than humans in Australia)


Largest Cold Desert -Antartica (it gets less water than even the Sahara Desert)

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