Interesting Story Of You Tube!

You Tube is a video sharing website. Launched in May 2005, YouTube allows billions of people to discover , as well as to watch and share originally created videos. It also provides a platform for people to connect, inform and inspire others across the globe. YouTube was founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, Jawad Karim,Continue reading “Interesting Story Of You Tube!”

The Face Behind The Blog

I am thankful to Pavithra for nominating me for ‘The Face Behind The Blog’ tag. She is an amazing blogger. Check out her blogs here: This post is about brief introduction about myself. WHO AM I? My name is Aishwarya. I am 18 years old, born on 22 July 2002. WHERE AM I FROMContinue reading “The Face Behind The Blog”

Work,Happiness and Serving Humanity

These are the words of Swami Vivekananda. Please read it. This definitely helps the demotivated, the diseased, light-hearted ,hardworker , youths. Be kind to each and everyone. This life is short. They alone live who live for others, the rest are more dead than alive. It is not the receiver that is blessed, but itContinue reading “Work,Happiness and Serving Humanity”

Bacterium that ‘eats’ plastic and disgrades it into harmless waste

When Belgian chemist Leo Baekeland, using phenol and formaldehyde, made a ‘synthetic thermoset’ he called it plastic in 1907. It was welcomed as a boon to humankind. Given its malleability and the ease with which it could be moulded into solid objects, plastic made from petrochemicals was soon used to make not just buckets, potsContinue reading “Bacterium that ‘eats’ plastic and disgrades it into harmless waste”

Green Concrete

Here’s a surprising fact: after water, concrete is the most consumed material in the world, with almost three tonnes per person used annually. Concrete, along with its key components, cement, has been used from time immemorial-the Romans has mastered the art of making it and building colossal structures with it. But modern -day production ofContinue reading “Green Concrete”

The Black Cat Blue Sea Award

I am fortunate to be nominated for ‘The Black Cat Blue Sea Award’ by another wonderful blogger -Sprightly Shreya. She keeps us motivated through her poems and also shares trace of her life through writeups. This is my first ever blogger nominee. Checkout her blogs. Once again I thank you for nominating me. ThisContinue reading “The Black Cat Blue Sea Award”

Polar bears and their need for ice

According to a study, Polar bears are losing life sustaining ice, crucial for hunting, resting and breeding. As climate change pushes up in Arctic temperature, ice is melting earlier in spring and re-freezing in autumn. Total number of ice covered days is declining. The global population of polar bears with scientific name Ursus maritimus isContinue reading “Polar bears and their need for ice”

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